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​Hmurovic, Jillian, Cait Lamberton, and Kelly Goldsmith (forthcoming), “Examining the Efficacy of Time Scarcity Marketing Promotions in Online Retail,” Journal of Marketing Research.

Patel, Mitesh S., Katherine L. Milkman, et al.  (forthcoming), “Effect of Behavioral Nudges Delivered through Text Messages to Increase Influenza Vaccination Among Patients with an Upcoming Primary Care Visit: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” American Journal of Health Promotion.

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Milkman, Katherine L., Mitesh S. Patel, et al.  (2021), “A Megastudy of Text-Based Nudges Encouraging Patients to Get Vaccinated at an Upcoming Doctor’s Appointment,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118 (20).


Grewal, Lauren*, Jillian Hmurovic*, Cait Lamberton, and Rebecca Walker Reczek (2019), "The Self-Perception Connection: Why Consumers Devalue Ugly Produce," Journal of Marketing, 83 (1), 89-107. *equal authorship

** AMA-EBSCO Responsible Research in Marketing Award Finalist (2021)

Grand, James, Ann Marie Ryan, Neal Schmitt, and Jillian Hmurovic (2011), "How Far Does Stereotype Threat Reach? The Potential Detriment of Face Validity in Cognitive Ability Testing," Human Performance, 24, 1-28.

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Under Review / Invited Revision

Hmurovic, Jillian, Cait Lamberton, and Kelly Goldsmith, "A Framework for Marketing Disruptions," preparing for second-round revision at the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Hughes, Christian, and Jillian Hmurovic, “Linguistic Consistency of Political Person Brands on Social Media: A Multidimensional Framework,” preparing for second-round revision at the Journal of Marketing.


Manuscripts in Preparation

“Temporal Design of Initial Charitable Donations”

Jillian Hmurovic and Cait Lamberton


​"Prompts with Punch: Timing Planning Nudges for Maximum Effectiveness"

Jillian Hmurovic, Cait Lamberton, and Lindsay Page

"Power and Differential Patterns of Attribute-Level Variety Seeking"

Jillian Hmurovic and J. Jeff Inman

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